Adaptive Survival Clothing

by Jacqueline Nanne

Using the great temperature and moisture regulation properties of wool and our own body as inspiration, fabrics
were desiged that adapt to the temperature of the human body and the environment. The focus lies on the context of
survival, as clothing plays a big role in staying alive in the wilderness. When on survival, one often adds or
removes layers of clothing to keep a comfortable temperature. This design is intended to decrease the number of
times one has to stop to change clothing, and keep comfortable when for instance taking a break or when ascending a

In the prototype two mechanisms that are also found in nature were implemented to explore the possibilities of
clothing that adapts temperature. A base layer reacting to skin temperature has holes like pores that open and
close with exercise. The second mechanism is that of an animal’s hair erecting when cold, caused by the erector
pili. This has been used in the outer layer, which responds to differences in environmental temperature. Both are
activated using temperature-sensitive memory wire (Nitinol).

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