Soft Interiors

Soft Interiors by Paula Kassenaar

Soft Interiors is Paula Kassenaar’s graduation project, performed in collaboration with Philips Research
Photonic Textiles group. Soft Interiors is a lightweight semi-translucent piece of cloth with integrated glowing
light that you can drape in your living room to create soft lighting accents. The cloth charges wirelessly and
when fully charged gives about four hours of light.

Soft Interiors presents a new way of integrating LEDs in textile that ensures a pleasant direct-view-lighting
experience and can be handled like the sheer textile it is made of.

Project vision

In this project, Paula Kassenaar tried to see how well textiles and electronics could be bridged, but not at any
cost. The textile had to remain textile, not just a softened cover layer, and the light could not look any less
pleasing than any other lighting product you would have in the living room. Through prototyping, the beauty that
can be achieved in the interaction between materials could be seen and became its main focal point. The meaning
of lighting textiles in the context of this project is redefining, reshaping and creating new semantics for
light and the way we use it in the living room using the inviting and gentle qualities of textiles.

Two prototypes were on display during the Dutch Design Week: one at the Made in Brainport – Six Degrees exhibition
in Klokgebouw at Strijp-S and one at the ID’11 graduation exhibition  at the University of Technology, Eindhoven.

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