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Wearable Senses is one of the themes in the curriculum of the Industrial Design Department at the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. We combine research and education in interactive products, systems and related services for societal transformation that are worn on or near the body. How do these products fit the body and measure bodily parameters and behaviour? How can we combine: hard electronics with soft materials, craftsmanship with innovative technology and smart textiles, functionality with fashion, value propositions with gadgets, Do-It-Yourself with mass-production, and sewing with soldering? How can these systems provide meaningful feedback?

Wearable Senses has a strong network of partners in research, education and industry. We advocate a hands-on and multidisciplinary approach in topics like 1) Wearables in Fashion & Lifestyle, focuses on aesthetic quality, functionality and influencing behavior. 2) Garments for Sport & Wellbeing, focuses on behavior and embodiment to provide people with subtle feedback, for instance to motivate a healthier lifestyle. 3) Textile Products, focuses on social awareness to explore the subtlety of human-product and inter-human interactions. 4) Beyond Accessories, focuses on the social and cultural values of jewellery. Its small size, closeness to the body, and its personal and intimate character imply interesting challenges, for instance in the field of power supply.

Eindhoven’s Industrial Design in a nutshell
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) intends to be a research-driven, design-oriented university of technology at an international level with the primary objective of providing young people with an academic education within the ‘engineering science & technology’ domain. It aims to advance the development of technological innovations leading to the growth of welfare and well-being, both within its own region (technology & innovation hotspot Eindhoven) and beyond (The Mission of the TU/e).


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