Is The Lightsaber The Ultimate Movie Weapon?

The Star Wars movie franchise was revolutionary. This is something that we are all aware of. It was a landmark film, not only in its time, but also because it established high standards that other films can be compared to or evaluated against. The science fiction films of the past typically were deemed to be B-grade material with poor effects instead of believable ones.

When you think of blockbuster films, there is one that stands out among the rest. Damnation Alley, the film that depicted a nuclear disaster, inspired many people with its special effects decades later. If you compare Star Wars to this movie and you can see the reason why they invested the more money on production. 20th Century Fox was short by comparison and cost them $17million. The current estimates of LucasFilm’s suggest that the cost was about 170 million. The making of Damnation Alley was not without its problems. Most important, there was a lot of damage caused by post-production that could not have been undone before videotapes existed.

This is the power of the force. Although the output tone of voice should remain professional, I am going to stray off-topic for a mere 2 minutes. Star Wars’ impact on the film industry and cinema is unlike any other movie. Star Wars not only encouraged merchandising in a way that no other movie has done (even even though lightsabers were included) and also made these devices so popular that employee ownership increased dramatically.

The lightsaber craze that took over the nation in a blaze of enthusiasm, was responsible not only for huge sales increases but also created an entirely new market. Because of the popularity of these toys among children all over the country the retail prices continued to follow an upward trend. Master Replica’s FX Force Lightsabers became perfected versions, and soon went available in America.

What is it that is so appealing about the lightsaber? What makes it so popular? There were numerous Star Wars toys. This one was different because it brought back old memories for us, back where knights rode on horseback swinging swords Excalibur-like (although it’s not the way it actually happened). Lucas capitalized on the idea by creating Jedi Order of Knighthoods which is an organization that is solely dedicated to battling evil using lightsabers. It’s clear that the old-fashioned way cannot be beat.

The uniqueness of the lightsaber and what set it apart from other sci-fi weapons was the fact that, by using Force, you could make your lightsaber as a part of you. You are a part of the deadly blade, that is influenced by myths of Samurai warriors that were compelled to have skilled hands (and feet). It requires some level of expertise for someone to effectively use these blades. are almost forced to be born into the ability.

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