Things To Know Before Your First Desert Safari

A trip to the vast deserts of Africa is a great location to embark on an adventure. There are a variety of sports and adventure activities to take part in such as dune bashing, camel riding; quad biking or sandboarding across these sand-covered landscapes. Some campsites offer traditional activities such as falconry and henna painting.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the beauty and harshness of the desert safari. However, nighttime safaris are an excellent option. These are low-temperature tours and will not exceed 55 degrees Celsius. It is also easy for both the visitors and their bodies, as there is no direct sun.

A successful safari begins with the right preparation. Before you set off for your trip, ensure that you’ve got a few key points in your mind. Here are some suggestions to make your trip more enjoyable:

Comfortable Clothes

Dressing in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is the best way for you to prepare for a trip to the desert. This means items such as cotton pants, shirts or shorts, as and flip-flops or open shoes to keep sand out of your changed footwear when you are doing activities where this would be an issue such as hiking through rough terrain and deep dunes close to where we’ll camp for the night! It’s hot out so avoid wearing too much jewelry. However sunscreen is essential particularly if you spot storm clouds coming towards you while we’re walking through the area prior to dinner.

When shopping for clothing, consider what you’ll actually be doing. Consider how much time you will be on the camel ride. If you’re in this situation then you may want to avoid wearing clothes that can cause discomfort or get in your way.

Be aware of the instructors

A safari in the desert is a fantastic way of exploring the outside world. This is among the most thrilling, however it’s not difficult. Dune bashing requires us to travel down steep hills. It is imperative that we listen to our driver or guide carefully and not go any further than we feel comfortable with.

Make sure you have the right supplies

It’s not necessary to carry much when on an adventure in the desert. However, it’s important to bring sunglasses and sunscreen. These items will block the sunlight from reaching your eyes.

Choose the Best Date and Time

In winter, it is a lot cooler and there are less people. This means you have more chances for enjoying your time in an untouched desert region with beautiful views of snow-capped mountains during this season.

Choose A Camera

The desert is a land of endless possibilities and stunning landscapes. Even if you’re just watching one location for hours, there are many photographic opportunities. It’s possible to run out of battery so make sure you have an extra.

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