Innovative outfit for Minister of Education, Culture and Science


Design and vision The basis of the project is formed by a multidisciplinary team of […]

This Fits Me by Leonie Tenthof van Noorden

This Fits Me

By Leonie Tenthof van Noorden

Currently 3D body scanning techniques allow us to create clothing that fits our body perfectly. […]

OpEnclose by Tamara Hoogeweegen


By Tamara Hoogeweegen

OpENCLOSE is a proposal for a so-called ‘Beta Textile’ – a textile that integrates electronic […]

Expressiv by Stijn van Iersel


By Stijn van Iersel

A wardrobe that expresses your clothes’ identity through movement, personal yet willful. During the day, […]


BuzzAlert & Venice

By Yaël van Engelen, Lianne de Jong, Anne Uildriks and Vera Smoor

BuzzAlert Because it is unhealthy to stare nonstop at your illuminated screen, unmoving, we made […]

Jewelry & Co-Creation by John Vlaming

Jewelry & Co-Create

By John Vlaming

The concept is about children who co-create jewellery for a beloved one together with a […]

Jewel of Sound by Eva Palaiologk

Jewel of Sound

By Eva Palaiologk

Eyewear has become a style object. 15% of non-tinted spectacles actually have no prescription. People […]

LevLamp by João Paulo Lammoglia

Lev Lamp

By João Paulo Lammoglia

Technology and other modern conveniences result in us moving less, making physical activity optional. People […]

Internship at Hi-Tec by Manuel Suarez Prat

Zuuk Wimbledon

By Manuel Suarez Prat

Hi-Tec successfully launched the Zuuk for the Spring-Summer 13; a mesh lightweight product that sits […]

Social Circle by Jochem Timmers

Social Circle

By Jochem Timmers

The Social Circle is a school program that will have more impact than any precaution […]

Sensible Sense by Jeroen Blom

Sensible Sense

By Jeroen Blom

Commercially available hand prostheses allow the person to grab most of everyday objects. But this […]

Timesphere by Erwin Hoogerwoord


By Erwin Hoogerwoord

The term ‘overview effect’ refers to “a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts […]